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💼 About the Role

As our Software Engineer, you play a key role in building the first AI Co-Pilot for Clinical Operation teams.

Your contributions will be key to Yendou’s mission to accelerate the drug delivery to patients in need!

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🏢 About Yendou

Yendou is the first CRM designed to help R&D Teams at life sciences companies to scale and accelerate the allocation of cancer clinical trials in clinics, globally.

You might have heard this before: It takes 12 years and $800 million to bring a cancer therapeutic to the market.

But you know what the outsiders don't know?

More than 1/3 of this 12-year timeline (4.6 years) and 22% of the clinical trials costs are spent on the process of clinical trial allocation to clinics.

To solve this problem…

We are creating the first CRM for Pharma, like Salesforce, but with a list of ready-to-go qualified prospects. No more hunting for doctors or hospitals, now they are all on Yendou and companies can shorten the selection timeline by 12 months.

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👥 The Team

**Zina Sarif (Co-Founder & CEO)**

Former cancer scientist, with prior experience at AstraZeneca and Parexel, specializing in oncology site selection across Feasibility and Study Start-Up.

**Patrick Rogg (Co-Founder & CTO)**

M.Sc. in Computer Science, previously working as a Software Engineer at Citadel, Google, and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

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Must have Skills